Objecti­ves and policies

The strategic plan of IRCA reflects the institution’s ambition to face the challenges and opportunities that appear in its working environment.

The strategy

The strategy is based on six main principles that have been formulated with broad cooperation of employees and managers. The focus points deal with both inner and outer factors and have the goal of strengthening the operation while building on the strong foundation that exists at IRCA.

The content of the strategic plan is intended to support all daily operations, and in addition a key goal has been set for each principle, towards which variety of actions for the next years have been planned.

The guiding principle in all of IRCA’s operations over the next years is: “Safe transport is the lifeline of industry, community, and visitors.”

Main goals

Safety as a Guiding Principle

We place safety and safety culture at the forefront of all our operations, this applies equally to users of the transport system, IRCA employees and partners.


Outstanding service

We provide outstanding service in phase with demands at any given time and offer the users of the transport system the opportunity to make informed decisions regarding their travels.


Powerful team spirit and efficient operations

We base all our work on efficiency, professionalism, and cooperation of dynamic employees, all around the country.


The foundation of good decisions

We gather, analyse, and disseminate data that support professional decision-making regarding transport issues.



We systematically work towards the implementation of sustainability in our operations and seek to support its constructive influence.


Integration of transport modes

We support the organisation and construction of integrated and eco-friendly transport methods throughout Iceland.

The IRCA’s Values

  • ProfessionalismWe have expertise and are professional in our work
  • SafetySafety is always a priority
  • Foresight​We build on experience and look forward to the future
  • ServicesWe meet the needs of society with good service

The revision of IRCA’s overall policy for 2024-2028 was based on bringing out the success that has been gained following the earlier strategic planning that was in effect from 2019. Equally, to formulate the coordinated vision of employees and management for the future and set the strategic focus for the operation of IRCA for until 2028. Broad and active participation of employees and interested parties of the institution was the primary objective in the policy formulation process, that included the following key factors:

  • Meetings with employees
  • Interviews with key executives and external interested parties
  • Survey among employees
  • Processing with management
  • Summary and presentation



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