Domest­ic flig­ht

IRCA issues invitations to tender and or/enter into agreements with airlines regarding state-subsidised domestic flight. The routes that are subsidised by the government are between Reykjavík and Höfn in Hornafjörður, between Reykjavík and Gjögur, Reykjavík and Bíldudalur, Akureyri and Grímsey, and Akureyri and Vopnafjörður/Þórshöfn.

IRCA manages all invitation to tender and agreements with airlines on state-subsidised domestic flight.

  • Reykjavík – Höfn
  • Reykjavík – Gjögur
  • Reykjavík – Bíldudalur
  • Akureyri – Grímsey
  • Akureyri – Vopnafjörður – Þórshöfn
  • Reykjavík – Húsavík
  • Reykjavík – Vestmannaeyjar



Domestic passenger throughput

Domestic passengers by destination