28 February 2024
Road to Blue Lagoon open

Grindavíkurvegur (43) is now open from Reykjanesbraut (41) all the way to Bláalónsvegur (426) or Blue Lagoon Road. Part of Grindavíkurvegur is now built over the new lava and that part is a gravel road. It is not allowed to stop there or elsewhere on the way. It is very dangerous to walk on new lava and it is illegal to do so.

That part of the road is open for all i.e. all the way to the Blue Lagoon. But the road into the town of Grindavík is not open to all, only to residents and others who have legitimate errands to run. The last parts of Nesvegur (425) and Suðurstrandarvegur (427) are closed, see newest information about that on trafficinfo.is

Road 426 has been rebuilt since big part of it went under lava in the eruption on 8 February. That part is also a gravel road. all of it is now inside the embankments that have been built to protect the Svartsengi Power Plant. The road has many sharp turns and drivers need to be careful. The speed limit there as well as over the new lava is 50 km/hour but 90 km/hour on the rest of Grindavíkurvegur (43).

It is not allowed to stop on the side of the mentioned roads.

Ný tenging Bláalónsvegar

Ný tenging Bláalónsvegar