5 June 2024
IRCA has launched a new website

Vegagerðin (Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration – IRCA) has launched a new and updatet website at, www.vegagerdin.is. An English version can be found at www.vegagerdin.is/en or at www.road.is.

On the new website you will find information about IRCA, data, reports and other material that is widely viewed. Information about road conditions and weather can still be found at umferdin.is/en or at trafficinfo.is. That page is also available in Polish.

The main innovation on the web is the so-called project website, where you can find information about all the main projects that are underway at any given time. You can see the status of projects, related tenders, reports, data and news that have appeared about the project.

New focus on vegagerdin.is:

  • Greatly improved mobile version
  • Better Accessibility for everyone
  • A better reflection of the organization’s activities and priorities
  • Implementation of new technologies
  • New design system
  • Project website
  • Powerful search engine

The website is a project that is constantly evolving and all suggestions are welcomed. You can send suggestions to the website@vegagerdin.is